The ultimate phone number verification service.

Protection against scammers and fraud.
Disposable and virtual phone number detection.
Accurate data updated daily.

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Secure, fast, and scalable API solution

Our API is perfect for developer teams, fraud teams, and compliance teams who are looking for an easy-to-integrate and secure solution.

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Secure, fast, and scalable API solution

Our easy-to-integrate solution is perfect for developer teams, fraud teams, and compliance teams.

$ curl --header "x-blobr-key: [your-api-key]"

Protect your business

Our constantly updated data ensures that you are always protected from the latest threats.

Reduce your fraud rate

Scammers mostly use disposable phone numbers. Detect them easily with our service.

Virtual number detection

Detect all virtual phone numbers from services like Skype, OnOff, 2number, ...

Secure your OTP & 2FA

Experience the peace of mind that comes with using our reliable and efficient service.

GDPR compliant

No Log of your customers' phone numbers.

Countries covered

USA, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands, Spain and Belgium.
Coverage for the remaining European countries is planned for march 2024.

Simple and transparent pricing


No credit card required

  • 300 call per month

Start up

The price of fraud costs more than this plan

  • 30,000 call per month


  • 300,000 call per month

Don't just take our word for it

See what your clients say about us

5 / 5

As a one of a top dating service in France, we used to face a large number of scammers trying to register on our platform. But since we've been using for the past 9 months, the results have been more than we expected. We've been able to reduce the number of scammers and other fraudulent users by an astounding 98%.

Laouari Medjebeur - CEO & Founder

Get rid of fraud and scammers

Once you have signed up (in less than a minute) you can test the API right away.
So don't wait and start protecting your business as soon as possible.